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Virtual Race to Be Fit

Who would have thought? A simple Facebook ad would lead me to attempt a virtual marathon. Originally the pretty medal caught my eye, And I thought it would make an awesome addition to my friends collection. After tagging him, curiosity got the best of me and I clicked the link. As I looked into it, the more it peaked my interest.

What I found is there are many different sites that offer these virtual races. They all have pretty medals as rewards for finishing. Some include T-shirts and other swag items. Some t-shirts are extra. Some benefit causes or charities. Other races have themes, and rewards you with medals inspired by the theme. Some allow you to view your “routes” as if you were really there.

Why a virtual marathon you ask? There are many reasons I was drawn to it. First of all I’ve always wanted to attempt to complete a marathon. To see if I could push myself to finish. But I always lacked the physical stamina or strength to do so. With this being a virtual race, I have the ability to do this at my own pace and have anywhere from 1 week to 18 months to complete. So there is no added stress of having a time limit. So the flexible timing is a plus

Secondly it’s stress free. Nobody is watching and judging you. It is motivational and embarrassment free. It gives you a goal to work towards, without all eyes on you. With the progress trackers it still holds you accountable. And in the end you are rewarded with pretty bling bling.

After looking and comparing the different options, I decided to go with The Conquer Challenge as my first attempt. I chose the Mount Fuji Challenge. It is a 46 mile (74km) long race through. Japan. The reason I chose this particular site is because it allows for team races. Which will help keep me motivated and have some fun with friends. We each can do our own exercising and together we will finish the race.

Another thing about this particular site, Is it gives you virtual postcards when you hit certain places on your route. This race also includes street views. As someone who loves to travel, (But due to covid can’t) it allows me virtually “travel” . To be able to see the streets and places in Japan that are along the route is cool.

So stay tuned and follow me along my journey to better health…...

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